Tracy Griffin Photography

Photography Catalog

Corporate - Web, Profile Pictures & Events

Sports - On Location Action, Teams, Studio Portraits

Portraits - School, Family, Seniors, Celebration, Teams

Celebration/Memorial DVD's - Cradle to Creator 

Engagement - Surprise, Formal Settings, Proposals

Weddings - Full Wedding (5 hr min) 

Restoration - Old pictures, torn, wrinkled, water damaged

VHS/8MM - Transfered to Multi Media - DVD, MP4 etc

Senior Portraits or Family Memories

$150 per hour

Includes:1 hour photo sessions (Studio/on location)

Change of outfits

8x10 (1) and 5x7 (2) Prints plus two image edits

All unedited images available to download free

Sports Packages:

Team/Individual - 5 or more teams $35 per individual. Includes, 8x10 Team and two 5x7 individual.  All images available from digital gallery at additional costs. 

Corporate Profile

$150 per hour for individual portraits or single group shots

 $75 per person for groups of 3-7 plus group shots

 $60 per person for groups over 8 individuals plus group shots

Celebration Memorials


20-40 minutes of your favorite photos and videos displayed to music

(additional $150 per hour if you need us to take the photos)

Weddings/Anniversary/Special Events 

$150 per hour - 3 hour minimum - Only non edited images included

Packages start at $1500 and include portrait prints and books - call for detals

Image Transfer

VHS to Digital - $25 per tape

8MM to Digital - $35 per tape


Available by appointment and vary by degree of damage

224 Stone School Road Sutton, MA, 01590